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September Meeting: Gardening Is Murder

A Murder In The garden ClubCome and learn about the husbands point of view of gardening in our first meeting of 2014-2015 garden club season.  Neal Sanders is the author of 6 books and will be giving us an entertaining and informative presentation!  Books will be available for purchase after his presentation.

Here is a great excerpt from “Murder In the Garden Club”:

“Liz Phillips is a suburban housewife and a garden club president. She’s smart, independent and knows her town well. John Flynn is a former Boston police detective who couldn’t stay retired, and so has joined the police department of Hardington, a suburban town that hasn’t experienced a murder in 15 years.

The death of Liz’s close friend, Sally Kahn, changes all that. Liz instinctively realizes too many things don’t make sense. Detective Flynn sees forensic anomalies, but is skeptical that this quiet town could have a homicide in his first month on the job.

Their quest to find Sally Kahn’s killer will lead Liz and Detective Flynn into an unfamiliar world of computer mirroring, hazardous waste disposal and the economics of tearing down houses to build ‘McMansions’. Their search will also take them through an emotional landscape of adultery, substance abuse and the simmering resentment between ‘townies’ and the new-money affluent.

A Murder in the Garden Club is more than a ‘whodunit’. It’s an introduction to a community that may be much like your own: placid at first glance; roiling with secrets just below the surface.”

All are welcome to join us on Thursday September 4, 2014 @7pm at First Parish Church, Taunton MA.  There is a guest fee of $3.

Neal Sanders never disappoints. It’s going to be a humorous evening!  Hope to see you then.

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