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November Meeting- Pruning

Master Gardener- PruningCome join members of the Taunton Garden Club and learn techniques for pruning shrubs.



Learn the basics of pruning, by master gardener, Greta Anpach.

Learn about the science behind when, how and why to prune your

woody plants.  Learn to make the best use of your money by making good choices

about which plants can be pruned by a home gardener, and which require the services

of a professional.


If you have an interest in learning  more about the Taunton Garden Club,you can contact the club at tauntongardenclub@gmail.  Or you  are welcome to join us Thursday, November 6, 2014 at the First Parish Church, 7:00 pm, Church Green, Taunton, Ma.  There is a guest fee of $3.00. 


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