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Meet The Members


Mary D Taunton Garden Club BioMary joined the garden club 12 years ago with an interest in decorating with fresh greens for the holidays.  She thought it would be fun to share and learn some new ideas.  Not only did she learn more about flowering arranging but the monthly programs also provided an education in gardening and the environment
“I have made some good friends and it is a great place to meet and get to know others who share your interests.”


jennifer taunton garden club bioJennifer Rivard: I joined September 2012. I was a customer of the Taunton Garden Club’s annual spring plant sale for 3 years before finally joining the club. I wanted to learn more about edible plants, and meet folks with similar interests. In the few short years I have been a home owner, I have transformed my yard into a low maintenance hobby farm of sorts in a city area. What was once trash laden land overgrown with poison ivy, is now a small 12 tree orchard with a tiny vineyard, herb garden, and a few berry gardens. I try to organically grow food for my family. But it doesn’t always work out the way it is supposed to. I still have a lot to learn, and I would be happy to share what I’ve mastered so far.


Betsy C Taunton Garden Club bioBetsy Carter is a member who joined the club recently after retiring from teaching. Betsy has always enjoyed yard work and creating little gardens, however, it was always hit or miss if something was going to do well where she planted things. Since joining the club, she has become a more successful gardener, putting knowledge gained from club activities and workshops to good use. A really unexpected plus to joining the club has been all the new friends she has made, which has really helped to fill the void that retirement can create.


Kris TammaroKristen Tammaro-Sparks is a member that joined the club because she owned a home with not one single bush or plant on the property.  She wanted to turn her crab grass into beautiful flowers and eye catching plants but didn’t know where to start.  After a year of killing half of what she planted, Kristen joined the Taunton Garden Club to learn how she could make her home property beautiful.  In 4 short years she has learned how to compost, take care of her plants, landscape design and where to plant her precious plants so they won’t “be killed”.  Kristen also designed the Taunton Garden Club’s website and helps manage it’s Facebook page.  Make sure to say hi to Kristen at the next meeting!



Check back, more is coming soon!