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Joe Rajunas Master Gardener Coming To Taunton

SpeakersBureau Joe Rajunas Master Gardener Coming To Taunton

September 3, 2015 program 7:00 pm

First Parish Church
76 Church Green, Taunton, MA 02780

Program: Plant Propagation

Joe Rajunas is a Master Gardner and coordinator of the Massachusetts Master Gardeners Association. Joe will present an overview of the methods of sexual and asexual plant propagation including a discussion of seed collection, plant breeding and nomenclature and the methods of asexual propagation including division, cuttings, layering, grafting, and cell culture. Handouts included.

If you would like to attend this program please join us, all gardening levels are welcome.  $3 donation required.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on our contact page.

(Image provided: http://massmastergardeners.org/who-i-am/)


November Meeting- Pruning

taunton garden club 6 300x90 November Meeting  PruningCome join members of the Taunton Garden Club and learn techniques for pruning shrubs.



Learn the basics of pruning, by master gardener, Greta Anpach.

Learn about the science behind when, how and why to prune your

woody plants.  Learn to make the best use of your money by making good choices

about which plants can be pruned by a home gardener, and which require the services

of a professional.


If you have an interest in learning  more about the Taunton Garden Club,you can contact the club at tauntongardenclub@gmail.  Or you  are welcome to join us Thursday, November 6, 2014 at the First Parish Church, 7:00 pm, Church Green, Taunton, Ma.  There is a guest fee of $3.00. 



September Meeting: Gardening Is Murder

gardening murder 197x300 September Meeting: Gardening Is MurderCome and learn about the husbands point of view of gardening in our first meeting of 2014-2015 garden club season.  Neal Sanders is the author of 6 books and will be giving us an entertaining and informative presentation!  Books will be available for purchase after his presentation.

Here is a great excerpt from “Murder In the Garden Club”:

“Liz Phillips is a suburban housewife and a garden club president. She’s smart, independent and knows her town well. John Flynn is a former Boston police detective who couldn’t stay retired, and so has joined the police department of Hardington, a suburban town that hasn’t experienced a murder in 15 years.

The death of Liz’s close friend, Sally Kahn, changes all that. Liz instinctively realizes too many things don’t make sense. Detective Flynn sees forensic anomalies, but is skeptical that this quiet town could have a homicide in his first month on the job.

Their quest to find Sally Kahn’s killer will lead Liz and Detective Flynn into an unfamiliar world of computer mirroring, hazardous waste disposal and the economics of tearing down houses to build ‘McMansions’. Their search will also take them through an emotional landscape of adultery, substance abuse and the simmering resentment between ‘townies’ and the new-money affluent.

A Murder in the Garden Club is more than a ‘whodunit’. It’s an introduction to a community that may be much like your own: placid at first glance; roiling with secrets just below the surface.”

All are welcome to join us on Thursday September 4, 2014 @7pm at First Parish Church, Taunton MA.  There is a guest fee of $3.

Neal Sanders never disappoints. It’s going to be a humorous evening!  Hope to see you then.


How To Save Pepper Seeds

This week on our Facebook page we talked about seed saving, in particular, peppers.  When dealing with hot peppers you will want to wear gloves as the oils may burn your skin.  Saving seeds is a great economical way to know what you are planing and save money at the same time.  You can cut your seed cost in half by savingseeds!

To learn more about seed savings visit Seed Saver Exchange on Facebook.

pepper seeds How To Save Pepper Seeds


Green Plant Sale 2014 at Pinehills Holiday On The Green

Screen shot 2013 10 22 at 12.24.10 PM 300x169 Green Plant Sale 2014 at Pinehills Holiday On The Green

This year as for the last few years, the Taunton Garden Club will be holding their annual Green Plant Sale at Pinehills Holiday On The Green in Plymouth MA on Saturday December 7th 2013 from 11am- 5pm.

Come and purchase your holiday arrangements!  We will also have “raw” DIY greens for sale.

Make sure to come and check us out!

P1010148 300x225 Green Plant Sale 2014 at Pinehills Holiday On The Green


Get Your Taunton Gardening News On Social Media

We believe that sharing information and educating our community about their gardens, food and community events is key to your success. Here are just a few updates from our Facebook page this week!

Local Community Events

tgc girls inc 225x300 Get Your Taunton Gardening News On Social Media

These girls of Girls Inc. had a blast making flower sundaes.

Last week the girls of Girls Inc. made flower sundaes….too cool for these two girls.  That is one of our community programs that the Taunton Garden Club offers to it’s community.  We believe that sharing the knowledge of plants mixed in with a bit of fun is just what the girls of Girls Inc. need!

Tree Grafting

We also posted a great article explaining why not all growth in the garden is beneficial. It explains what tree suckers and water sprouts are and how/why they should be removed from your grafted trees.  Here is Stark Bros article that is filled with juicy information.  Check it out.

Use Your Garden For Healing

Plantain is a broad species known for its amazing healing properties. It is so renowned for healing that settlers brought it with them when they traveled to North America from the “Old Country. Plantain is one of the first herbs to regrow after the snow melts. And it stays green until killing frost, so you should have no trouble finding a plant when you need it, 3 seasons of the year.  Check out this great article here.

Winter Planting Tips

Plant some carrots this fall and “store” them in the soil — they sweeten with cold temps. Growing tips from Fine Gardening Magazine.  Check out the article here.

There is lots of great information here right!

To get updates and information about gardening tips and community events make sure to pop on over to our Facebook page and click the like button!!

See you there!



kris17 gimp done 196x300 Get Your Taunton Gardening News On Social MediaThe Taunton Garden Club’s website is managed by it’s members.  Kristen Tammaro-Sparks is a member that joined the club because she owned a home with not one single bush or plant on the property.  She had to learn quickly how to turn her crab grass into beautiful flowers and eye catching plants.  After a year of killing half of what she planted, Kristen joined the Taunton Garden Club to learn how she could make her home property beautiful.  In 4 short years she has learned how to compost, take care of her plants, landscape design and where to plant her precious plants so they won’t “be killed”.  Make sure to say hi to Kristen at the next meeting!


A New Start To An Old Beginning

The Taunton Garden Club is so happy to become up to speed and get our amazing club online.  We are celebrating our 80th birthday this year and it is an honor and privilege to be part of an ever growing community of gardeners.

Please connect with us on Facebook and witter in the meantime as we grow our website where we strive to educate you on subjects such as splitting plants, growing vegetable, horticulture, conservation, landscape design, growing your own food, civic beautification,  drying herbs for decoration and food consumption, local workshops and more!